Visiting during COVID-19

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Visiting during COVID-19

Last updated: June 18, 2021

Outdoor visits

We look forward to seeing you at The Gardens!

As part of Step Three of the Roadmap to Reopen, visitation restrictions will be eased. Starting Monday, July 19, you are allowed to visit The Gardens without scheduling a visit. This also means that as of Monday, you are no longer are required to use our online outdoor visitation booking portal. You may visit at any time as long as you pass screening.

There will no longer be limitations on the number of visitors who can visit a resident, whether indoors or outdoors. While we are still working out details on how visiting will work, here is some general information on visitation: 

  • As part of the Ministry of Long-Term Care's updated testing requirements, fully vaccinated visitors will no longer need to be tested when entering a long-term care home. If you are fully vaccinated, you must show proof of your vaccination status. You can download or print your vaccine receipt through the provincial portal.
  • If you are not vaccinated and you would like to come in for a visit, you will need a rapid antigen test every time you visit.
  • Please keep in mind that you still need to follow all infection prevention and control measures, including masking and physical distancing (only fully vaccinated essential caregivers and fully vaccinated residents are allowed to have close contact). Brief hugs are allowed regardless of vaccination status.
  • If your group cannot be accommodated indoors, as there must be enough space to physically distance, we encourage you to use outdoor spaces for your visit.

If you have any questions regarding visitation, please contact us at

Virtual visits

To keep you connected with your loved one, we are continuing with our virtual visitation program. If you would like to book one, please email Daisy Wong at

COVID-19 Caregiver Support Group 

The COVID-19 Caregiver Support Group program will address grief, uncertainty, fear and other challenges being faced by caregivers as a result of the COVID-19. It will be open to any family members who has a loved one on an outbreak floor.  If you would like to join, please email Rami Shami at

Essential Caregivers visits

One designated essential caregiver per resident is allowed to enter The Gardens at a time.

A caregiver is a type of essential visitor who is designated by the resident and/or their substitute decision-maker and is visiting to provide direct care to the resident (e.g., supporting feeding, mobility, personal hygiene, cognitive stimulation, communication, meaningful connection, relational continuity and assistance in decision-making). Caregivers must be at least 18 years of age.

How to designate a caregiver

We ask that you complete this Essential Caregiver Request form and submit it to Kensington with your caregiver designation. For questions about designating an essential caregiver, please contact Victoria Vadori, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, at


All essential caregivers and staff at The Gardens will undergo rapid and PCR testing as directed by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. There are different testing frequencies depending on if you have been vaccinated or not. Here are the testing requirements for each group: 

Testing for vaccinated essential caregivers

  • If you only visit The Gardens once or twice in a seven-day period, you will need to do a rapid test on the day of entry. Rapid tests are valid for two days. 
  • If you plan on visiting one or two times in a span of a week and are visiting on Thursday or Saturday morning, you may do a  PCR test in lieu of a rapid test.
  • If the home is in outbreak, you will be required to have a PCR test weekly, unless otherwise directed by Toronto Public Health.
  • If you visit The Gardens three or more times in a seven-day period, you must have a one rapid test and one PCR test. If the home is in outbreak, your testing would remain the same, unless otherwise directed by Toronto Public Health. 

Testing for unvaccinated essential caregivers

  • All unvaccinated essential caregivers will be required to receive a rapid test at the beginning of each visit (in addition to a PCR test if they visit more than three times a week).

Questions? Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. A member of our care team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Resources to stay safe

We encourage you to read the resources below in advance of your visit.