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Eye donation

Restoring sight to those in need

You can transform the life of someone suffering from eye disease and restore sight in those suffering from corneal blindness. Register today to be an eye and tissue donor, and let someone see life through your eyes. Visit Be A Donor to register and learn more.

Why you should donate?

Many people in Ontario suffer longer-than-necessary wait times for transplants. This is because there isn’t enough corneal tissue available. The number of Canadians who will need corneal tissue is only expected to increase due to the aging population.

Who can donate?

Anyone can register to be an eye donor. Even if you have glasses, poor vision, most forms of cancer and diabetes, are blind, or suffer from cataracts or glaucoma, you may still be able to give the gift of sight.

While an extensive medical history review will be completed at the time of death to ensure eligibility for eye donation, only with the following conditions can eye donation definitely not occur: HIV or AIDS, active hepatitis, active syphilis, rabies, viral encephalitis, ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, leukemia, active lymphoma or active meningitis.

Who benefits from a donation?

When you donate, you could be helping anyone—from a newborn to a senior citizen who has a disease or an injury causing a damaged cornea. Sight can be restored because of caring individuals who have registered to be donors and opted to donate their eyes and eye tissue.

By registering to be an eye donor, you can:

  • Give sight to two people through corneal transplants
  • Repair the surface of eight eyes with scleral transplants
  • Give your family comfort, knowing you gave the gift of sight
  • Contribute to research in the prevention and treatment of eye disease
  • Support education in the treatment of eye disease

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