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Welcome to Kensington Health!

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About us

Welcome to The Kensington Eye Institute

Kensington Health has been providing high-quality eye health care services through The Kensington Eye Institute since January 2006. Our not-for-profit eye surgery centre offers cataract, glaucoma and retina surgery, as well as corneal transplants.

The Kensington Eye Institute is a not-for-profit Independent Health Facility (IHF). 

Patient care is at our core

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing patients with rapid access to eye care, and to building long-term relationships with the people in our community. Our goal is to create a warm and comforting atmosphere for our patients, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming appointment.

Referrals are needed for all of our services.

For clinical services, your doctor can arrange a referral directly to the Kensington Vision and Research Centre.

Please note that Kensington Eye Institute admin office does not schedule your surgery appointment.

To book your surgery, your ophthalmologist can arrange a referral directly to one of our surgeons’ offices who operate at Kensington Eye Institute. You can find your surgeon's office here.

Teaching for the future

The Kensington Eye Institute is affiliated with the University of Toronto Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences. 

Teaching is our passion. Our team of skilled surgeons provides training for University of Toronto Ophthalmology residents—the future eye surgeons of Canada.

Together, our eye surgery centre and our eye clinic make The Kensington Eye Institute a truly comprehensive teaching hospital, with a strong focus on research and education.

Supported by our generous donors

Most of our services are paid for by OHIP; however, as a not-for-profit charitable organization, we also depend on donations to help us fund education, research and new technology.

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