How to book your appointment

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How to book your appointment

All of the services at the Kensington Screening Clinic require a referral from your family doctor.

Download the Kensington Screening Clinic Referral form:

Print fas fa-print

Colonoscopy and gastroscopy appointments:

If you do not have a referral, please contact your doctor and ask them to fax a referral to our clinic.

Once we receive the referral form, we will call to schedule your appointment within two weeks.

If you already have a colonoscopy appointment, make sure to submit the Pre-Anesthesia Questionnaire at least 5 days before your consult.

Pre-Anesthesia Questionnaire fas fa-print

Fax: 416-928-9513

Call us: 416-928-9511


If your doctor recommends infusion as the right treatment for you, they will connect with a patient support coordinator who will refer you to an infusion clinic.