Visiting during COVID-19

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Visiting during COVID-19

We look forward to seeing you at Kensington Hospice! If you plan to visit, please note that certain entry requirements may be in place, in accordance with Toronto Public Health recommendations. Thank you for doing your part in helping to keep our community safe.

Last updated: March 5,  2024

Visitor Policies 

Respiratory illnesses like influenza and COVID-19 can spread rapidly during the colder months. The safety of our residents, volunteers and staff is our top priority. That’s why we follow all guidance from the Ministry of Long-Term Care and Toronto Public Health regarding Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) measures, and also take additional steps to protect our community.    

We all have a part to play in reducing the risk of outbreaks of respiratory illness. Visitors can help keep everyone safe by following these practices:  

  • Before visiting, please check your symptoms by doing a self-assessment. If you are currently experiencing any symptoms mentioned on the self-screening poster, such as fever, cough, or sore throat, please postpone your visit until you are symptom free.     
  • All visitors to the Hospice are currently required to wear a mask at all times, except when visiting a resident in their room or when eating or drinking with a resident in communal spaces.  
  • Pay extra attention to hand hygiene.  
  • Stay up-to-date on your influenza, COVID-19 and other vaccinations.  

From time to time, the hospice may experience outbreaks, which will affect the policies and practices we use to keep everyone safe. An outbreak is defined as one or more residents testing positive for a respiratory illness.  

If the hospice is experiencing an outbreak, family and friends may still visit a loved one. Please see check in with the Nurse Manager for details regarding necessary precautions. You will be required to wear appropriate PPE, including a mask, eye protection and a gown.  

We know that this can be challenging for residents, families, and visitors. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support as we all work together to protect our community.  


For more information contact:  

Brenda Caldwell, RN, BSCN, CHPCN(C) 

Resident Care Nurse Manager  

Kensington Hospice 

(416) 964-5577 ext. 81433


Resources to stay safe

We encourage you to read the resources below in advance of your visit.

•    Visiting Your Loved One in the time of COVID-19. Courtesy of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

•    How to hand wash. Courtesy of Public Health Ontario.

•    How to hand rub. Courtesy of Public Health Ontario.

•    Proper use of a cloth face mask. Courtesy of City of Toronto.

•    5 things to remember about face masks and coverings. Courtesy of City of Toronto.

•    Physical distancing. Courtesy of Government of Canada.

•    Actions you can take to stop the spread of COVID-19. Courtesy of Government of Canada.