Food and nutrition

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Food and nutrition

Meal program 

Our goal at Kensington Hospice is to create a home-like meal experience for all of our residents. Our kitchen is run by a Food and Service Coordinator and volunteer chefs. Groceries are purchased by a volunteer every week and all meals are made to order from an à la carte menu according to your preferences. Family members are encouraged to help influence meal programs to ensure we capture all of your favourite foods.

Breakfast and Hospitality Hutch

Located in the Great Room, the Breakfast and Hospitality Hutch is a self-serve station of breakfast food and snacks for all guests at the hospice. You will find fresh, seasonal fruit, granola bars, protein bars, baked goodies and fruit bars. All items on the Hospitality Hutch are generously donated by friends of the hospice.

Nut-free environment

To ensure the safety of everyone, we ask that you do not bring any items containing nuts into the hospice. We thank you in advance for your support.

For any additional questions about our Food and Nutrition Program, please contact us.