Worried about your colonoscopy?

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Worried about your colonoscopy?

A patient at the Screening Clinic recently sat down with one of our Kensington volunteers, Keiran, to discuss their experience at the clinic while sharing their advice to those who may be worried about their procedure.  


What was your experience like at Kensington Screening Clinic? 

As a 66 year old man, I was totally freaked out before  my colonoscopy. I was so nervous that I didn’t even sleep the night before the procedure. I’m a bit of a nervous guy to begin with when it comes to health. However, as soon as I arrived, the staff were really helpful and understanding of my fears. They helped me understand the procedure and I was well informed about everything that would happen which made me feel more at ease. Everyone was absolutely incredible in their professionalism, compassion, and ability to comfort me. They simply couldn’t be better. 


What did you feel emotionally before your procedure at Kensington, and how you felt afterwards? 

Before the procedure, I was totally freaked out to the point where I was debating whether or not to cancel. If the procedure wasn’t so important, I would have done so. However, as soon as I got to Kensington, there were staff available to help me through preparing for the procedure, going through the operation, and my recovery. They did such a good job that I would feel 1000% comfortable going back. The doctor who operated on me was just ‘awesome.’ He and the nurses both had an excellent bedside manner and made me feel better about the whole experience.  


What was the quality of care at Kensington like?   

The staff were excellent. Every person from the receptionist right through to the intake nurses, and then the nurses who took me to surgery and aftercare were so thoughtful and understanding. What could have been an anxious experience for me turned out to be perfectly okay.  


What do you think patients who are anxious about their procedures should know tbefore going into Kensington?  

The experience was so good that I am willing to take the time to be interviewed because I want others who may be nervous to feel more comfortable in anticipation of their procedure. The workers at Kensington are specialists and professionals. I would rather get a procedure at Kensington than at a major hospital where things may be more chaotic. When I came for my procedure, I was treated like a V.I.P. which made a huge difference. From somebody who is an anxious person, they understood the anxiety and were totally compassionate about it. I think it is important for incoming patients to know that the Kensington Screening Clinic is truly a first class facility. Everybody in it is first class. If I have to get a procedure done in the future, I would not hesitate to return.

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