Recreation therapy

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Recreation therapy

Program Coordinators at Second Mile Club (from left to right): Becca Buttigieg – Day Program Manager, Carl Heindl, Ken Zhang, Robert McIntosh, and Jennifer Dong.

Recreation therapy recognizes leisure and play as integral components of quality of life. This month, we celebrate our Program Coordinators who plan therapeutic recreation activities for Kensington’s Second Mile Club. The Second Mile Club has been providing community support services to the City of Toronto for more than 80 years by offering safe, recreational spaces with accessible, welcoming services for older adults and adults living with disabilities.

The Second Mile Club is open to those who live in the community, providing them with an opportunity to make connections, be creative and have fun. Some examples of recreation therapy that are used at Second Mile Club include arts and crafts, board games, meal preparation, ping pong, line dancing and much more.

We sat down with Second Mile Club Program Coordinators to learn more.

Why is recreation therapy important?

Ken: Program Coordinators use recreation therapy to help maintain our clients’ physical, mental and emotional well-being. Our individual and group recreational programs are designed to reduce stress and social isolation, which can lead to a variety of physical and mental conditions.

Becca: Life changes as you grow older — many of the seniors in our communities are isolated or are potentially struggling to maintain independence. Recreation therapy connects those seniors with a community, enables them to live fully, and gives them the space to be active and engaged.

What do you love the most about working at Second Mile Club?

Carl: I truly enjoy any chance I have to help better someone’s day. I love working with people and serving my community.

Jen: The clients are wonderful. I enjoy the diversity of it all. Working with our clients makes me feel like I’m making a positive and impactful contribution to the community. I know that at the end of each day I truly did something meaningful and important.

Robert: I love providing our clients with programs and services that help promote good quality of life, and helping them navigate services that will allow them to continue to live at home.

Learn more about Second Mile Club

Our Program Coordinators would love to have you! If you are 55 years of age, or under 55 and living with a physical disability, you can become a member of Second Mile Club.

Join one or all of our recreation centres and participate in a variety of recreational and educational programs weekly.

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