Facing my fear

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Facing my fear

Peter McBride faces his fears of health care procedures and undergoes a colonoscopy at Kensington Screening Clinic.

Peter McBride was told by his general practitioner that he needed a colonoscopy. He made an appointment with Kensington Health, but there was one glaring problem: Peter has what is commonly reffered to ‘white coat syndrome’ and is afraid of any health care procedures and examinations. He feels extreme anxiety when in any medical environment.

“I get worried about the doctors finding something dark and mysterious, so I experience lots of stress before any medical appointments including the dentist. In fact, most of the time I try to cancel them.” Says Peter.

Feeling nervous about your colonoscopy?

Even though Peter was nervous and afraid, he knew that getting a colonoscopy was necessary in order to prevent colorectal cancer. He had a few friends who passed away from colorectal cancer and did not want to take any chances. His fear kicked-in when waking up the morning of his examination.

“I woke up that morning, got out of bed and I thought about cancelling. It wouldn’t be the first time. Even as I headed to Kensington, I thought about calling it off.”

We care about your health and your comfort. 

Once he arrived at the screening clinic, the staff took the pressure off of Peter and made him feel relaxed throughout his visit. The nurses joked with him about his colourful socks, and the doctor greeted Peter in an approachable manner by introducing himself as ‘Jeff,’ instead of using the formal title of ‘Doctor.’ His anxiety disappeared, and after waking up with his colonoscopy finished, Peter felt relieved.

It was a great experience. Kensington has good people and the staff were very pleasant.” Kensington left an astounding impression on Peter, especially given his past experiences. For future examinations, Peter sees himself going nowhere else other than Kensington Health.

“The next time I have any sort of procedure, I want to come here. I felt extremely comfortable with the people here. Kensington is an amazing place.” -Peter

Don't worry - our care team is here to provide you with the utmost care and comfort.  

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