Kissing game with a charitable twist

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Kissing game with a charitable twist

When Grant Hurley and Christina Turner got married on August 11, they had a unique stipulation for their guests: whenever someone would clink their glass signaling the couple to kiss, they would have to donate to the newlyweds charity of choice, Kensington Hospice.

“Contributing to Kensington Hospice is very important for us. We’ve both seen the benefit of a hospice firsthand,” says Grant, a librarian at the nearby University of Toronto.  

“My mother Francine and Christina’s stepfather, Noel, passed away after a struggle with cancer, but both benefited from palliative care.  We’ve realized that hospice care is something beneficial and important, and it should be accessible to all that need end-of-life care.”

Grant and Christina chose to donate to Kensington Hospice even though their family members received end-of-life care elsewhere. The couple lives in the community and passes by the Kensington Hospice on their daily commute.

After doing diligent research and learning more about our work, they selected the Hospice as the recipient of their generous gift. “It really meant a lot to us to contribute to this hospice as it depends on donations and is free for residents,” said Grant. “Being a part of this neighbourhood, we thought that this contribution would be a meaningful way to make a difference close to home.” Learn more about Kensington Hospice and the role it plays in end-of-life care.

Find out how you can support by making a donation. 

Posted in Featured, Featured Foundation, Your Impact on Jul 29, 2019