Important announcement from Jim Nelles, Board Chair of Kensington Health

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Important announcement from Jim Nelles, Board Chair of Kensington Health

Date: January 20, 2022

From: Jim Nelles, Chair of the Board of Directors, Kensington Health

On behalf of the Kensington Health Board of Directors, I am writing to share with you the bittersweet news that, after 6 years of distinguished service, John Yip will be stepping down as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Kensington Health effective April 1, 2022.

John will be joining SE Health (formerly known as Saint Elizabeth Health Care) as their new President and CEO. While SE Health is a much larger undertaking than Kensington Health, there are many similarities between the two organizations and one can quickly understand why John will make an ideal CEO to lead them into the future.

The decision to take on this opportunity was not an easy one for John. In his letter to me he shared these words:

“I am reassured that Kensington continues to be in a good place, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Our culture of caring and the people that bring that culture to life will always be present regardless of who leads the organization. I have witnessed this firsthand through four successive waves of the pandemic and continue to marvel how our residents, clients, families, leaders, staff, volunteers, and students have created a stronger community, together.”

During John’s tenure we have seen remarkable growth and development at Kensington Health. John has continued Kensington’s focus on meeting the needs of the people we serve with compassion, empathy, and kindness. He leaves Kensington Health with the Board’s gratitude and appreciation for his commitment and dedication. Kensington Health is in an enviable position that will allow us to continue our mission of giving new meaning to community care.

John’s accomplishments during his tenure are many, but include the following highlights:

  • Stewarding Kensington’s pandemic response over the last two years
  •  Streamlining our governance structure to enable best governance practices 
  • Accelerating growth in our programs and services to fill unmet health care needs in the community including the future expansion of our hospice 
  • Staking out a leadership position on system initiatives such as Ontario Health Teams
  • With the Kensington Health Foundation, articulating Kensington’s brand strategy and identity 
  • Enhancing our research, education and innovation with our academic partners 
  • Championing Kensington’s health equity, diversity and inclusion initiative  

While we are all saddened to witness John’s departure, we will always be grateful for his contribution to Kensington particularly during these challenging times. To paraphrase the essayist Ralf Waldo Emmerson, the purpose of life is to be useful; to be honourable; to be compassionate; to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. John has served Kensington with just such purpose and we have every confidence that he will do so in his future endeavours with SE Health and the world beyond.

Further details about the leadership transition are forthcoming.

Read the full announcement from SE Health.


Jim Nelles (he/him),
Chair of the Board of Directors,
Kensington Health

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