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Happy Retirement Greta

Greta Busby, (second from the left) and her colleagues.
This photo was taken before the pandemic.

This month, we said goodbye to Greta Busby, who has been working as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) in the south building of Kensington Gardens for the past 18 years.

PCAs like Greta are an essential part of the care team at Kensington. Often, they form very close relationships with the residents that they care for every day. They ensure each resident’s comfort and safety in their daily routine.

Throughout her 18 years at Kensington, Greta has been very passionate in caring for her residents and has treated each with dignity and respect. Greta will really miss the residents that she has gotten to know over the years, “I will cherish the little moments of joy and laughter, and the memories that we shared,” she said.

She just knew

Greta has a personal connection to Kensington that dates back decades. Her son was born at The Doctors’ Hospital, now Kensington Health, and she would often take walks in the neighborhood.

“I just had this feeling that I was going to work here,” she said. A short while later, she became one of the PCAs who joined the team when the south building opened its doors to its first resident in 2002.

“I’ve worked with Greta since the home opened, she always makes me laugh. She is very hardworking and does her work thoroughly. I’m going to really miss her.” said Alicia Dorsett, PCA on the same floor. “Greta is very organized. Working with her is great, she keeps everything neat and clean.” said N’della Diakite, PCA on 4East.

Greta has also been a mentor to several new staff members, passing on her passion, dedication, and wisdom to her colleagues. “I’ve known Great for almost one year, she is my teammate. I keep on learning from her. She always has lots of patience.” added Phurpu Lhamo, PCA on 4East.

We will miss you

Nicoleta Paraschiv, Director of Care, and her team wish Greta many days ahead filled with good health, relaxation and fun. The entire team at Kensington hopes that she has a wonderful retirement. “We can’t express our appreciation for the work of our PCAs enough. Thank you for all that you do.”

Greta is excited for this new chapter in her life and will miss everybody, her residents and colleagues. She leaves us with a few words of advice:

“Come in, put your hands together and do the work, follow the rules. Take good care of the residents and get along with the families.”

Posted in Long-term Care on May 22, 2020