Happy 106th Birthday, Edith!

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Happy 106th Birthday, Edith!

From left to right: Nancy (Edith's long-time friend and caregiver) and Edith

Going strong at 106 years old! Today, in the Kensington courtyard, Edith's long-time friend and caregiver, Nancy, in partnership with Kensington Gardens, threw her a fantastic party to recognize this major milestone. Attended by family and friends, and featuring the sweet treats that Edith enjoys, this celebration honours one of Kensington’s most beloved community members. "I told Edith I was planning her a birthday party with 20 people coming,” said Nancy. “She replied, ‘well... that's a lot!’ We both laughed."

Edith is an inspiration to many people in her life. When asked, those close to her use words like ḥuṣpāh, tenacious and warm to describe her. During her time as a Kensington Gardens resident, she’s grown close with many in our community. She rarely misses an opportunity to greet those she meets and brighten their days with a smile. Whether she’s out walking or simply sitting and enjoying the sunshine, Edith is a social butterfly who loves to say hello.

Her background is as impressive as her wonderful personality. She has always been a strong advocate for women’s and seniors’ rights. Together with a group of likeminded women, she played an integral role in founding the “Older Women’s Co-Operative” at St. Lawrence Market. Edith was a co-op board member and sat on many committees, including those for the newspaper and gardens. She was heavily involved in their outreach efforts and enjoyed planning gatherings to bring the community together. She had a vision of a safe and comfortable space for women and families of all kinds, and worked hard to make that dream a reality.

In her personal life, Edith has the soul of an artist. While she can no longer practice her art, she still surrounds herself with some of her most treasured creations, including drawings of her grandchild and late husband. Her room has become a treasure trove of beautiful artwork. She also has an adventurous streak and, at 97, was still taking solo trips to California to visit her family.

Few can say they’ve done all the things or touched as many lives as Edith can. We are truly lucky to have her as part of the Kensington community, and we wish her the very happiest of birthdays on this special occasion. Congratulations, Edith!

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Posted in Featured, Long-term Care on Jun 10, 2022