Celebrating Our Nurses: The Kensington Experience

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Celebrating Our Nurses: The Kensington Experience

As part of Nursing Week, we spoke with some of Kensington Health’s terrific nurses to learn more about their roles and experiences.

Nurses have a calling. A calling to help others that is as important after 15 years as it is on day one. We learned this first-hand after speaking with nurses who dedicate their careers to supporting Kensington residents, patients and their families. Tenzin Dadon, who works at The Gardens, summed it up well: “Seeing residents happy, smiling, and well taken care of by staff makes me happy and satisfied with the job.” 

In recognition of Nursing Week, we spoke with several nurses across Kensington Health; one and all, they voiced their passion for care. What they do every day to support the residents of our long-term care home and hospice, and the patients in our ambulatory clinics, is truly inspiring. While the COVID-19 pandemic presented difficult challenges to healthcare delivery in our community, our nurses stood strong. “It has been a struggle for the past two years,” said Trang Nguyen, a nurse with 15 years of experience at The Gardens. “It was hard managing the outbreaks and isolations, as well as increased workloads, but our team is amazing, and we pulled through together!”

For Tenzin, starting her career in 2021 at the height of the pandemic was certainly a challenge. “My perspective on nursing quickly changed. Initially, I thought nursing was simply about assessing patients and educating and administrating medications. Over time I realized that it is much more than that. As a nurse, it is about showing empathy, humility, and the ability to manage stress."

The nurses in our ambulatory clinics also expressed their passion for patient care and appreciation for the team around them. Amanda Mathura and Mary Anne Davidson, who work at the Kensington Eye Institute, believe that nursing is one of the most rewarding careers out there. “Nursing is amazing, rewarding, and enjoyable,” said Amanda Mathura. “I couldn't be happier to work with the amazing team at Kensington and I’m so proud of what we do.”

The quality community care we value so highly at Kensington would not be possible without our amazing nurses. We thank them for their hard work, dedication, and passionate support of our community. We are so lucky to have them!

To hear from more from nurses in the Kensington community, check out our Instagram video!

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Posted in Community Care, Featured, Long-term Care on May 27, 2022