The 2019 Kensington Hike

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The 2019 Kensington Hike

Hikers depart for the 9th annual Kensington Hike.

You might have wondered why on a sunny Sunday morning the neighbourhood was buzzing with blue shirts, smiling faces, and dogs (some also wearing shirts). What, you may have wondered, are all these people doing together?

Kensington Hike volunteers arrive early to begin preparing for the day.

Those 214 people walking along College on September 8th were taking time out of their busy lives to support palliative and end-of-life care at the Kensington Hike. It was an especially meaningful and memorable day as friends, families and loved-ones had a chance to share their stories while raising awareness and funds in support of Kensington Hospice. 

Dougie the Hospice Dog gets dressed for the Hike.

This year the Kensington Hike raised more than $81,000! Thank you to our participants and donors, sponsors and supporters! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Funds raised allow Kensington to go above and beyond provincial funding allotments and offer programs and holistic supports that give people comfort, dignity and choice at the most difficult time in their lives. Our music & art therapy programs, massage & holistic care, along with spiritual programming and bereavement support are just some of the things that make Kensington special and couldn’t happen without philanthropy. 

It takes a village

The Kensington Hike saw community participation from 214 hikers, 25 volunteers, and over 650 individual donations!  

Thank you to our sponsors!

Our top teams

  1. Team Andrew
  2. Busy Bees
  3. Humphreys Family
  4. Team O’Neill
  5. Team H

Our top fundraisers

  1. Marianne Kupina
  2. Andrea Taylor
  3. Sandra Borzush
  4. Jessica Verhey
  5. Helena Shelton

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