Kensington Health is one of the most unique, non-for profit, ambulatory and long-term care organizations in Canada and includes The Kensington Health Centre, The Kensington Eye Institute, and The Kensington Screening Clinic, all supported by The Kensington Foundation and the Kensington Research Institute Foundation.

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Kensington Gardens, a not-for-profit long-term care home for people of all ages. Our philosophy focuses on providing resident-centred care, and we believe that each person in our 350-bed home has the right to dignity, self-esteem and independence. Enter and learn more
The Kensington Hospice provides care, comfort and relief of suffering at the end of life, all within a peaceful and calming environment. By working in close partnership with Princess Margaret Hospital/University Health Network, the Kensington Hospice is able to provide the best care possible, making us a true Centre of Excellence. Enter and learn more
The Kensington Eye Institute (KEI) is a state-of-the-art ambulatory eye surgery centre. We make use of the latest in technology to provide world class, individual and timely care to our patients in need of cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, retina surgery and corneal transplants. Enter and learn more
Welcome to the Kensington Screening Clinic, where we believe that early detection is the first step in the treatment of colorectal cancer. If you're over fifty years of age, or if someone in your family has had colorectal cancer, you should be screened. There are many reasons to book your appointment at the Kensington Screening Clinic. Enter and learn more
The Kensington Foundation was set up in 1998 to raise funds for the establishment, operations and growth of Kensington Health organizations and our surrounding community. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we provide improved care and continue to grow to meet the needs of our residents and patients. In addition to the funding we provide to Kensington Health organizations, we build community programs and promote health and wellness in our community. Enter and learn more
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