Your Home in a Caring Community

Welcome to Kensington Gardens, a not-for-profit long-term care home for people of all ages. Our philosophy focuses on providing resident-centred care, and we believe that each person in our 350-bed home has the right to dignity, self-esteem and independence.

Many family members struggle with decisions around long-term care, so we offer an inclusive, multicultural approach that fosters a sense of belonging in our community. We focus on health and wellness services for adults, providing physical and emotional comforts and a place to call home.

Kensington Gardens offers residents the freedom and independence they need to thrive and build an extraordinary quality of life. We strive to eliminate the helplessness, loneliness and boredom that can stifle a person’s spirit. Our residents enjoy autonomy and control over everyday matters. In our experience, residents succeed when they are given small challenges, such as making food or clothing choices, or the responsibility of tending a plant or caring for a pet.

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Kensington Gardens is CARF Accredited


CARF accreditation is more than a certificate on the wall. It is evidence that our organization strives to improve efficiency, fiscal health, and service delivery — creating a foundation for continuous quality improvement and consumer satisfaction. Insurers, third-party payers, and governmental regulators are likely to see CARF-accredited services as a better risk.

Ultimately, our greatest value is assuring the persons we serve, and their families, that our services are focused on their unique needs. Maybe that is why over 6 million persons are currently served by CARF-accredited programs. By inviting a non-profit, independent review of our organization and services, we are able to be sure that we actually do what we say we do.

Kensington Gardens is proud to be part of an international network through CARF accreditation.

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