Careers at Kensington Health

Kensington Health recognizes that our employees are our most important resource and strength. Every one of our residents and patients receive treatment from a qualified and professional staff member who takes their job seriously. Our employees care about people, including our patients and their loved ones, as well as their peers.

All of the Kensington Health organizations are located in a special neighbourhood that is home to many different cultural groups, and our 400+ employees reflect and celebrate the diversity of our community.

Kensington Health employees are highly qualified for their roles, and receive the following additional training and benefits:

Kensington Health provides a one-day orientation to all new staff members, followed by facility or department-specific orientations for RNs, RPNs and PSWs.

To address the challenges in healthcare, we assemble a workforce with a strong emotional intelligence that includes: compassion, motivation, initiative, problem solving skills and teamwork. We support continuing education and development, and achieve excellence in patient care by creating a best-practice environment and pursuing the most current technology and equipment.

A Teaching Facility
Higher learning institutions look to Kensington Health to advance the future careers of their students. Last year, Ryerson University student nurses spent over 900 hours learning at Kensington Gardens. Students from the Personal Support Worker program at George Brown College also experienced the best practices they learned in the classroom from a first-hand perspective. Additionally, our eye surgeons from the Kensington Eye Institute provide training for University of Toronto ophthalmology residents – Canada’s future eye surgeons.

Health and Safety
Kensington Health is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone through a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Program.

Health and Medical Benefits
Kensington Health also provides a comprehensive benefits program to all eligible employees. These benefits range from prescription drugs and vision care, to dental and therapy services.