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Student opportunities

As an academic centre of excellence at Kensington Vision and Research Centre, we are happy to offer an Ophthalmic Training Program in collaboration with the Kingston Ophthalmic Training Centre. 

Our eye clinic at Kensington is a truly comprehensive teaching centre. Our strong focus on research and education creates a learning environment that inspires the leaders of tomorrow and creates conditions for success.

A career in ophthalmology

As a student joining Kensington, we look forward to helping you achieve your ophthalmological career goals while offering experience in the medical field. If you are motivated to work in health care and have a passion for science and medical advancement, a career in ophthalmology is a fantastic way to make an impact in the community and impact a patients’ quality of life. If you fit this description, Kensington is a perfect match for you. 

At Kensington Vision and Research Centre, we are a not-for-profit academic ophthalmology clinic that offers several services, including eye exams, diagnostic testing, minor procedures, therapeutic lenses and urgent eye care. We also carry out critical research to advance patient care in ophthalmology. 

Located in the heart of Toronto, and neighbour to the Kensington Market community, we take pride in giving new meaning to community care. Our goal is to create a warm and comforting atmosphere for our patients.

Learning new skills 

At Kensington, you will have the unique opportunity to sharpen your ophthalmic skills through independent, hands-on experience and learning. During the program, you will have interactive, online seminars provided by Kingston technologists and physicians weekly. You will also spend time at our clinic, receiving hands on training in the clinical and diagnostic units.

With completion of the Opthalmic Training Program, you will be able to complete your Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT) and/or Certified Opthalmic Medical Technologist (COMT) program. Once you complete the program, you are eligible to pursue accreditation through The International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (IJCAHPO).

To learn more about the Certified Ophthalmic Technician and the Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist program, click the links below.

The ophthalmic technician program is a 10-month, full-time program providing students with the knowledge and skills to become an ophthalmic technician.  

Course requirements:

  • Applicants must have at minimum high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate
  • A background in science (college or university) is an asset 
  • Previous experience in the eye care field will be considered

The ophthalmic medical technologist (OMT) program builds on the ophthalmic technician (OT) program, focusing on advanced ophthalmic diagnostic procedures. It is a 10-month, full-time program that can be taken after the completion of the ophthalmic technician program.

Course requirements:

  • Minimum of two years equivalent of post-secondary education (college or university)
  • Completion of the Kingston Ophthalmic Training Centre ophthalmic technician program OR completion of another ophthalmic technician program
  • Completion of Peer Learning Assistants (PLA) when required
  • Students must be capable of providing adequate ophthalmic patient care

Apply today

If you would like to apply to our Ophthalmic Training program, please fill out an application form and send the form (and all necessary requirements) to Kari Stuart at