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Kensington Volunteer Council

The link between volunteers and leadership

The Kensington Volunteer Council is an important integrative link for volunteers of Kensington Health with the Kensington leadership team and staff. It aims to provide timely, constructive feedback from a volunteer perspective to Kensington Health. Our Council will:

  • Foster and maintain an open and consultative relationship with other KH stakeholders, including KH leadership and staff, with respect to volunteer programs at KH;
  • Consult with and advise the KH leadership team by offering the volunteer perspective regarding a variety of issues concerning the volunteer experience at KH;
  • Suggest creative and meaningful ways to engage volunteers as integral members of the KH team;
  • Review and provide feedback on KH policies, procedures, and initiatives pertaining to the volunteer experience, e.g. recruitment, orientation, training, supervision, support, recognition, and retention, health, safety, and wellness, etc.;
  • Provide advice with a view to help plan, create, and enhance KH programs and services through participation on committees, focus groups, and other partnerships as needed;
  • When requested by KH, help promote and provide education regarding KH volunteering, e.g. recruitment events, volunteer training, etc.

Our values

All Kensington Volunteer Council members will strive to foster an environment of trust, transparency, diversity, equity, inclusion, mutual respect of ideas, and open communication for all members of the Kensington Health community.

Meet our members

Mireille de Réland

Mireille de Réland, Co-Chair

Since I started volunteering at Kensington Health in 2018, I've connected with the Second Mile community by supporting various programs and providing mindfulness complementary therapy to caregivers, the ageing and palliative clients. More recently, I've been assisting with the launch of the new Community Day Hospice. After seeing the benefits that social programs have had on family and friends with chronic and terminal illnesses, I am passionate about supporting programs that improve the general well-being of Kensington clients. I look forward to learning from the volunteer community, and meeting more of you over the coming year!

Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor, Co-Chair

I’ve been a volunteer at Kensington Hospice since January 2017 in all three roles of reception, kitchen and resident care. Volunteering at the Hospice has been an incredibly enriching and life-affirming experience for me, and I hope that the work of the Volunteer Council will help to support all of our volunteers in the important work that they do!

Bonnie Best

Bonnie Best, Member

I’ve been a kitchen volunteer at the Kensington Hospice since 2019. Volunteering at the Hospice has been such a fulfilling experience. I continue to be inspired by the dedication and commitment of the Kensington Health community. As a member of the Volunteer Council, I look forward to supporting and enriching the experience of all our volunteers.

Denyse Burns

Denyse Burns, Member

I've been a resident care volunteer with Kensington Hospice for almost 1 year, since COVID-19 I now volunteer at Reception. I find that the time I spend at the Hospice is very rewarding. The culture is one of warmth and gratitude. I am very happy to be joining the KVC and look forward to working with the committee on Volunteer initiatives etc. In addition to my volunteer roles, I continue with my work as an Executive Coach, and recently completed my certificate as an End of Life Doula with a focus on Advanced Care Planning and Goals of Care.

Antoinette Camacho

Antoinette Camacho, Member

I have been a volunteer with the Kensington Gardens, as a Friendly Visitor, since 2013. I feel so honoured to have met so many residents through the years and having learned so much from them. I’m so happy to be part of the Kensington Volunteer Council and am so thankful to have the opportunity to connect and support the Kensington Health Volunteers.

Janice Carbert

Janice Carbert, Member

I've been a volunteer with the Second Mile Club since 2007, in the capacity as a Friendly Visitor to seniors living in their own homes. Over that period, I've had the privilege of working with five clients, from whom I’ve learned much about the challenges faced by seniors on their own. I'm excited to have the opportunity to connect with and support the many dedicated Kensington volunteers as a member of the Volunteer Council.

Cheryl Hart

Cheryl Hart, Member

I've been volunteering at Kensington Hospice since 2015, as a resident care, reception volunteer and support at various events. During some family experiences with death and dying, I saw the profound benefit to the palliative process. After the mother of my neighbour spoke so highly of his care at Kensington Hospice, I decided to apply to volunteer there. My time at the hospice and with its volunteer community have become a valued part of my life and I look forward to this opportunity to support you through the Volunteer Council.

Becky Mai

Becky Mai, Member

I've been a resident care and kitchen volunteer at Kensington Hospice since 2018, and have also been a member of the council since inception. Outside of Kensington, I am a research assistant, emergency responder, and your local part-time employee. The Kensington Health community can be distinguished by its warm, dedicated, and supportive volunteers and staff, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Akhil Nair

Akhil Nair, Member

A researcher and advocate of mental health, a kitchen volunteer at the hospice location of Kensington Health and a thespian at heart. Concerns, feedback, new ideas all are welcome, drop me a line via the KVC email and we will get the discussion started.

Akhil Nair

Keiran Pace, Member

I have been volunteering at 340 College Street since early March 2021. I started my Kensington journey in the waiting room for the eye clinic. Following the stay at home order and the restriction of non-essential surgeries, I transitioned to the Kensington Screening Clinic from May 2021 onwards. Throughout my time as a volunteer, I have been taken aback by the kindness, warmth and compassion shown to volunteers, staff, and patients alike. Wanting to give back to the Kensington community, I was motivated to apply for a position on the volunteer council so I could advocate for the volunteer experience at 340 College Street and continue to offer a helping hand.

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