Steps to apply

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Steps to apply

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  1. Application: Complete Kensington Health’s volunteer application.

  2. Interview: After you apply, you will receive an email with information outlining the volunteer process. After you have reviewed the information, please choose a time for an interview to explore your interest in volunteering, and to help us identify your suitability for a volunteer role.

  3. Police reference check: After your interview, we ask that you complete a police reference check. The money order and police reference check request form, specific to Kensington, will be provided by our coordinator of volunteer services. Once your screening is complete, your clearance will be mailed to you. Please bring this to us (45 Brunswick Ave. Toronto) for our records. This process can take up to four weeks so we encourage you to complete this task as quickly as possible.

  4. References: You will be asked to provide two references—a combination of personal (not relatives) and professional sources. We will provide you with the reference document that will include instructions and reference questions. Your reference must send the completed forms directly to our coordinator of volunteer services, in order to maintain confidentiality.

  5. Two-step tuberculin (TB) skin test: Volunteers are required to complete a two-step TB skin test. Kensington will offer TB clinic dates at no charge to the volunteer. You are also welcome to obtain the test from another medical facility.

  6. Attendance and active participation are mandatory for the following: 

    • 35-hour Hospice Palliative Care Ontario training  
    • Online training modules  
    • Two-hour site-specific training and shadow shifts 
    • Seven Palliative Care Core Hospice Volunteer training sessions
    • Sign off on all confidentiality and service agreements

  7. Training sessions:  Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Palliative Care Core Hospice Volunteer training program for all volunteer roles.

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