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Processing and distributing high-quality eye tissue

Our dedicated and experienced team at The Eye Bank provides a high-quality service that is always improving—which is vital to providing eye tissue to surgeons performing sight-saving transplants. By collecting, processing and distributing eye tissue, we aim to help people both nationally and internationally restore their sight safely and efficiently.

Quality improvement

We have a thorough set of Standard Operating Procedures, which are compliant with Health Canada and the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) standards. Our Standard Operating Procedures are reviewed on an annual basis and updated when there are changes in regulatory or accreditation standards. Through the Auditing Program, which covers all areas of operations, we make observations and create corrective and preventive action plans to ensure our service is in compliance and improving at all times.

Our equipment is validated, certified and inspected annually, and we routinely monitor our storage equipment to ensure tissue quality is maintained.

We continuously develop action plans to address areas of potential risk for the quality of tissue and safety of recipients.

View our EBAA accreditation.

View our Health Canada Registration.

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