Food and nutrition

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Food and nutrition

At Kensington Gardens, all of our meals are homemade. We cook with a variety of in-season fruits and vegetables, and we ensure every meal is rich in protein. We make 1050 meals for our residents every day, in our in-house industrial kitchen.

Food taste, texture and appearance are of the utmost importance. Every meal option is bright and colourful, keeping in mind all the major food groups. Our in-house dietitian works with each resident to find the right meal plan for them and will adjust meal options based on individual needs.

Meals are served in our beautiful dining rooms, which are located in both the east and west wing on every floor. Residents are presented with a visual menu outlining the options available each day. In addition to serving food at regular mealtimes, we also serve snacks between meals and in the evenings.

When developing our menus, we rely on feedback from residents, as well as on feedback from Resident’s Council and Family Council. Each menu is carefully planned and coordinated by the clinical dietitian, food service manager and registered staff.

Enhancing the food program

A generous, anonymous donor has given Kensington Gardens $150,000 over the next three years to enhance the food program. This donation has elevated the meal options available for residents and allowed for more fresh fruit and vegetables to be incorporated into the menus. 

Donating to the fresh food program makes a tremendous difference in the daily lives of the people who live here. Make a donation to the Kensington Health Foundation today.