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Bereavement and spiritual support

Dealing with grief is an important part of hospice and palliative care, and it begins well in advance of a death. The Kensington Hospice offers a range of compassionate and counselling services for people facing a life-limiting illness, dying and bereavement.

Spirituality is different for everyone. For some, it’s found in religion. For others, it can be nurtured through music, art and nature. Hospice and palliative care encourage people to embrace the meaning in life, in whatever way feels right. Our staff offers spiritual support that reflects your unique preferences.

Our Social Worker offers bereavement support for families for up to one year after a family member's end of life. Working with the Social Worker can help you and your family with spiritual questions and concerns, and also provide practical support with advanced care, financial concerns, memorial services, celebration of life services and funeral arrangements.

Discharge planning

Your health status may stabilize after you are admitted to Kensington Hospice. We will always speak with you and your family to carefully monitor your illness and assess if the hospice is right for you. At some point, returning home or going to another setting may better suit your health care needs. If this is the case, we will work with you, your family and community partners to ensure you find a place where you will be cared for comfortably and where you will have access to the support services you may need. You are always welcome back to the hospice for end-of-life care if your status requires it.

Caregiver support

 The Second Mile Club at Kensington Health is also a free support option for unpaid caregivers (family or friends) living in the Toronto area. This program is open to all caregivers and includes one-on-one support and information sessions on a variety of topics including the following:

  • Understanding the caregiver role and its stresses
  • Understanding the cognitive and emotional changes of aging
  • Understanding anticipatory grief and bereavement
  • Developing skills for effective communication
  • Accessing resources and effective advocacy

To find out more about support programs available to residents and families, please contact us.