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Leadership giving

Leadership Giving

The Kensington Health Foundation is incredibly grateful for the contributions of our many supporters. Leadership gifts create significant impact and act as the foundation to community care. We can help match your philanthropic interests with Kensington’s greatest needs. There are many ways to structure your support community care that will achieve the biggest impact, including multi-year gifts to deliver long-term healthcare benefits to the Kensington community, estate gifts, gifts of stocks and securities and corporate gifts.

Leadership gifts enable Kensington Health achieve the following:

  • Acquire essential equipment and technologies, like therapeutic mattresses for long-term care or sight-saving tools for eye surgery
  • Build, refurbish and reconfigure resident-centred spaces. This includes expanding palliative and long-term care by increasing the Kensington Hospice from 10 to 19 beds, and opening the only five-day community hospice program in the GTA.
  • Enhance special programs not fully supported by government funding, programs like music and art therapy.
  • Deliver important research into aging, sight-saving procedures, cancer screening and eye tissue donation.

The Kensington Health Foundation is always looking for ways to change the meaning of community care. This starts with philanthropic leaders who are inspired to support specialized healthcare delivered in a comfortable, community setting. 

For more information about how you can lead the charge for community health care, please contact Paola Philip, Director of Philanthropy at 416-964-3636 ext. 2801 or foundation@kensingtonhealth.org