Corporate matching gift program

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Corporate matching gift program

Does your employer have a corporate matching gift program?

Did you know that sixty-five per cent of Fortune 500 companies match employee donations, as do many other companies in Canada? Most financial institutions, Canadian-based companies (or those with many Canadian employees) and large media companies match employee donations.  Some companies will double or even triple charitable gifts made by their employees. 

Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program and would be willing to match donations made to The Kensington Health Foundation. Together, you’ll make a big impact in support of community healthcare. 

Here's how you can make a matching gift:

1.    Check with your human resources department about your company's matching gift policy.

2.    If your company participates, send the completed employer-provided form to Kensington Health Foundation with your donation.

3.    Your company sends the matching gift to the Foundation once they receive our verification.

Please mail all gifts and forms to:

Kensington Health Foundation

340 College Street, Suite 250

Toronto, ON M5T3A9

Our Charitable Registration number is 119230092 RR0001

Workplace Giving Campaigns

Kensington Health Foundation welcomes gifts through workplace giving campaigns.

If your workplace participates in an annual giving drive, designating Kensington Health for your contributions is an exceptional way your team can make a significant impact in community health. 

We are here to help

For more information, contact Isabella Powers, Development Coordinator at 416-964-3636 ext. 2803 or