Celebrate Julie's Life

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Celebrate Julie's Life

As you know, Julie passed away on September 1st after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. In the weeks before she died, Julie moved to Kensington Hospice on Major Street. In addition to excellent care from the staff and the incredible volunteers who supported her around the clock, they took care of everything she and our family could have possibly needed. As you know, Julie was very generous and deeply committed to giving back. Prior to her passing, she pledged a $25,000 gift to the Hospice knowing that it would give more people the opportunity to make use of Kensington’s end-of-life care. As a registered nurse, it gave Julie a lot of joy to know that those who are facing terminal illness will have the same great care she did. 

Since Julie’s passing we’ve had so many emails, texts and messages from you all asking how to help. So here it is! As an RN, Julie worked with lots of different people, giving care, advocating for patients and supporting research, and she understood that planning together made for the best medicine. That’s why we are hoping that you’ll match her generosity with a personal gift to Kensington Hospice by Dec. 31st.

Trevor, Connor and Liam Byrne

Since its opening in 2011, Kensington Hospice has helped over 850 families, by caring for those at the end of their life and by supporting their loved ones through the most difficult of times. Your gift will support Kensington Hospice residents, families and caregivers.