Barbara Edwards Testimonial

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Barbara Edwards Testimonial

“You can make a difference for someone in need”

Barbara Edwards is a family donor who lost her father due to an unexpected heart attack. While the initial pain of losing her father was difficult, Barbara and her family found comfort in the gift of sight that he provided at his end of life.

“Life can leave you unexpectedly. You never know when it’s your time to go. Around Christmas time in 2016, our family gathered for the holidays and the topic of organ and tissue donation came up in conversation. We all agreed that it’s a gift to help other people, and that we all should consider signing up. We thought about talking to our Grandma, who was in another country at the time, about the potential to sign-up. My grandma was going through some complications, and it was expected that she would pass shortly. So, when I received a call in January, I thought the call was about my grandma, but I wasn’t truly ready for the information I would receive. That my father passed away unexpectedly from a sudden heart attack.

My father was a gentle, loving, community man. He was always open to helping others and was heavily involved in the Niagara region. He was a consultant, developing affordable housing in the province, and did a lot of work for the Habitats for Humanity. He was loved by everyone. When he passed away, Bethlehem Place, one of the housing groups he worked for, dedicated a park to him in St. Catherine, Ontario.

Initially, my dad was under the impression that they wouldn’t take his eyes as he had glasses, but working in health care, I knew this wasn’t true. We understood the importance of donation; there is a lot of people waiting in need of an organ and tissue donation and they need help. I’m not surprised that my father registered as a donor, he always wanted to help others.

Even though it was painful to lose my father, it helped us knowing that he provided for others at the end of his life. The initial pain of the grieving process was tough, but it helped our family knowing that he provided for someone in need. It’s been lovely knowing that other people can see again because of my dad.”

Posted in Eyebank, Featured on Feb 25, 2019