The spirit of meaningful giving

Over the holiday season, The Kensington Health Foundation shared the story of Diane McQuaig with the community. The response to Diane’s vision was nothing short of spectacular.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death by cancer in Canada, taking more than 26,000 lives last year alone. Colorectal  cancer is 90% preventable with screening and early detection

An advocate and movement-maker, Diane’s heartfelt wish is that no other family will have to suffer the tragedy that she and her daughters have endured. She created The Diane and Don McQuaig Foundation to raise funds for colorectal cancer, awareness and to support  organizations that work to prevent the disease with  early detection, including the Kensington Screening Clinic.

Encouraging meaningful giving during the  holidays, The McQuaig Foundation asked others to join the fight by matching gifts to the Kensington Health Foundation up to $20,000. Donors were moved by  Diane’s dedication to make a difference and in total gifted close to $25,000.  With $45,000 raised, the Foundation saw a 300 %  increase in giving, compared to the 2017 holiday  campaign.   

Diane’s story reminds us all of the power of giving,  creating impact with advocacy and leading a path towards change. 

Through the Diane and Don McQuaig Foundation, the McQuaig family hopes to save lives by raising awareness and money for the prevention of colon cancer - a cause at the heart of the Foundation’s existence. To learn more on how you can support a cause that  matters to you. 

Posted in Testimonial Foundation, Your Impact on Jul 10, 2019