Promoting tissue donation through art

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Promoting tissue donation through art

Ling Wa, Certified Eye Bank Technician, holding a sketchbook of her artwork.

Ling Wa is a Certified Eye Bank Technician (CEBT) who has been with the Eye Bank for almost three years. As a CEBT, Ling does different corneal incisions, which means she removes the cornea from the donated  eye ball. She also evaluates tissue before it can be transplanted, to ensure tissue quality. Ling’s work saves time for surgeons, who would otherwise have to prepare the tissue themselves in the operating room.

Ling is passionate about her job. She loves being able to help people. 

“Every eye is unique, like a fingerprint,” says Ling.

She loves to draw and is working towards publishing her first comic book, Fungi: Mushroom in Space , available this summer at Beguiling in Kensington Market. The book will include educational elements about the importance of organ and tissue donation. This is the creative connection to her daily work.

“When I’m processing eye tissue I have to be precise; there is no room for creativity. My art allows me to think outside of the box,” says Ling. 

Understanding the structure of the eye means that Ling draws them with accuracy, while adding the artistic flair you'll find in her comics.

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