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Neighbour helping neighbour in the Kensington community

As communities face the greatest health challenge of our time, frontline staff are working hard to care for vulnerable seniors at Kensington Gardens and Kensington Hospice. As a way of saying “thank you” for their hard work and courageous efforts, neighbours and local businesses are coming together to show support in amazing ways.

Carmen’s Independent City Market, located in the Kensington community at 301 College Street is helping Kensington Health in a very meaningful way. Every Friday beginning April 3rd and over the coming weeks, Carmen’s City Market will be donating a fresh and delicious meal for all staff to enjoy --- their way of giving a big shout-out to hard working caregivers.

So despite our requirements for physical distancing - an expression that didn’t even exist a few weeks ago - the Kensington community is coming together in safe and  remarkable ways.

Our warmest thanks to Carmens’s City Market and everyone who is helping to give new meaning to community care.

If you would like to help Kensington Health with a donation please visit Kensington Health 2020 Response Fund.

Posted in Community Connects, Featured on Apr 03, 2020