Happy Lunar New Year!

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Happy Lunar New Year!

Dear Kensington Health Community,

Happy Lunar New Year!

For many in our community and around the world, today marks the start of the lunar calendar, kicking off 15 vibrant days of festivities.

We are entering The Year of the Ox, which symbolizes hard work, confidence, logic and leadership; characteristics found in every corner of our campus.

2021 is an auspicious year at it completes a 60-year cycle which means that this year, it is the Year of the Metal Ox. This represents stability and nourishment, particularly relevant after a year of dealing with the pandemic.

For me, Lunar New Year is all about family and community. It is a time to catch up, put the past year behind us and start with new beginnings, usually over food. Over the weekend, my family and I have been making trays of dumplings we can eat this weekend.

Making dumplings with my family

This year, of course, we will have to celebrate with those in our household or connect virtually with family and friends. That does not mean we cannot still appreciate the meaning of this time.

Whether you are celebrating with a big family meal, a home cleaning for good luck or exchanging red envelopes to encourage prosperity – or if this this holiday is new to you – this is a time to welcome new beginnings, fortune and well-being.

It is my hope that today closes a profoundly difficult chapter for us all, and the new lunar year brings more joy and calm to our staff, residents, patients and their families.

Xin nian kuai le 新年快樂 - Happy New Year!

Thank you,

John Yip
President and CEO
Kensington Health

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Posted in Corporate Events, Featured on Feb 12, 2021