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Quality at Kensington Health

A dedication to quality care

At Kensington Health, we are dedicated to maintaining and continuously improving high-quality care in all of the services we offer. Through ongoing monitoring, data collection and evaluation, we are able to ensure that we are providing our community with the highest possible standard of care.

We also demonstrate our dedication to care by outlining quality improvement in our Quality Improvement Plan, by hosting our Quality Day symposium, and by partnering with grassroots organization Change Day Ontario to improve compassionate quality care.

Quality Improvement Plan

Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is a commitment to continuously improve our quality of care, aligned with our healthcare system and provincial priorities. By identifying how we will achieve long-term improvement goals, we are able to focus our quality improvement efforts on key issues, which will improve healthcare in our community and in the province of Ontario. 

We aim to support and improve community healthcare with a continued dedication to quality and equitable access, and by transforming the way care is delivered. Our commitment to improving care is implemented within the framework of our person-centred approach.

Quality Day

We take pride in our commitment to quality by hosting our annual Kensington Health Quality Day. Quality Day is an event where Kensington employees learn about ongoing quality improvement processes and projects, and delve into how we can implement quality in every aspect of the work we do.

Quality Day includes guest presentations by system leaders in quality, as well as presentations from each department illustrating a process that they have improved on over the past year.

View our Quality Day projects from 2018.

View our Quality Day projects from 2017.

Change Day

We are a proud partner of Change Day Ontario. Change Day is a global movement designed to empower individuals and teams to collectively improve the health care system, internationally.

Change Day focuses on taking action and making pledges to improve quality. At Kensington, we connect Ontario’s Change Day with our Quality Day event. Our staff submit Change Day pledges, with the aim of improving the experience and quality of healthcare for patients and providers.

Read Kensington's story featured on Change Day's website.

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