About Us

Kensington Health is one of the most unique ambulatory and long-term care organizations in Canada and includes a Clinical Services building; Kensington Gardens, a 350-bed long-term care home; The Kensington Hospice, a 10-bed residential hospice providing end-of-life care; an academic Eye Institute providing cataract surgery; an Endoscopy Screening Clinic; and a Research Institute Foundation, all supported by the Kensington Foundation.

We have served the Toronto community since 1953 and continue to place quality of life, family wellness, community involvement and living with dignity at the forefront of our vision.

Kensington Health Centre:

Kensington Eye Institute - We opened in January 2006 as an ' Academic Centre of Excellence' for cataract surgery, licensed by the Ministry of Health as an Independent Health Facility (IHF).  A review committee from the U of Western Ontario and Manitoba wrote "high scores on patient surveys showed the efficiency of KEI doesn't compromise the patient experience."  Each year KEI provides 7,200 cataract surgeries and has been instrumental in reducing cataract surgery wait times in Toronto from 6 months to 2 months.

Kensington Screening Clinic - The Clinic, officially opened by Minister of Health David Caplan in April 2009, is dedicated to improving access for patients requiring colonoscopy/gastroscopy screening with patient-focused services and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.  Each year we perform over 5,000 colon cancer screenings.

Kensington Foundation - Our mandate since 1998 as the former Doctors Hospital Foundation is to provide financial support for the Kensington Health organizations as well as community grants to support community health, education and social services projects which foster safe and healthy communities and promote individual independence and well-being.  Since then, the Foundation has invested $20M in the Kensington entities and $2M in the community.

Kensington Research Institute - At the Kensington entities, research and education are conducted in medical, surgical and health-related services for the improvement of Quality of Life and the advancement of knowledge through publication of findings in books, periodicals and reports.  Funding is provided through the Kensington Research Institute, a charitable foundation.

At Kensington, we believe that patients should be treated in the most appropriate health care setting commensurate with their needs.   We seek to provide ambulatory care services addressing unmet needs by creating increased health care capacity, with high standards of quality in a cost-effective way.  Our model is a great example of delivering value and affordability with great health outcomes.

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